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Who we are

Speech Therapy is our passion

People are our passion. Speech Therapy is our contribution. From children with speech or language delays to adults affected by a voice disorder, stroke or acquired brain injury, we are dedicated to helping people overcome communication challenges and live lives full of purpose, meaning and connection.

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the daily challenges that can affect people when their ability to communicate is restricted. We know how hard it can be to navigate social, learning or work environments. We know health and education systems can be a nightmare as well as a blessing. Above all we love using our skills and experience to support people through an empowering therapy journey that tackles challenges, advocates for change and breaks down barriers.

Talkshop Speech Pathology is a team of speech pathologists for whom speech therapy is our professional passion. We are dedicated to evidence based practice. We follow and contribute to the latest research in Speech Pathology. We bring the strength of a team to every client we work with; consistently supporting and guiding each other in therapy approaches to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

What we do

Speech Therapy Services we provide


Talkshop provides assessments across the full spectrum of needs within speech pathology. This includes speech sounds, language disorders, literacy disorders, voice disorders and more. Results from verified assessment diagnostics allow a speech pathologist to form a diagnosis and develop a therapy management plan.


Our focus is your success in every aspect of everyday life. We embed evidence-based speech therapy approaches in real life activities. We develop the key skills required, support you to apply the skills where you need them and work with those around you to help you succeed.

NDIS supported Speech Therapy

Talkshop is a registered NDIS Speech Pathology provider. If you have a condition that affects your ability to communication or learn you may be able to access funding through the NDIS. This could be related to your ability to communicate in school, work or social situations.

School Readiness

Our school readiness screeners and holiday groups help your child get ready for ‘big’ school. We focus specifically on the social language for making new friends and understanding classroom instructions. We support the pre-literacy skills that underpin future reading and writing skills.

Therapy Groups

We have regular group programs for children, teens and young adults to practice skills with their peers. Social Hub provides supported opportunities to go out socially with peers. Lego Lovers and Word Warriors focus on social play, language and literacy skills

Speech Therapy Online

We are experts at providing speech therapy online to clients of every age around Australia and overseas. From immersive green-screen worlds to obstacle courses you might not believe what can be achieved online Don’t let distance be a barrier to getting the help you need

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Our team

Amazing people dedicated to their profession and your success

Designed for speech therapy

Take a virtual visit of our therapy centres, each designed to facilitate fun and effective speech therapy

speech pathology Northern beaches
speech pathology Northern beaches

I Am Looking to Arrange Speech Therapy Near Me in Earlwood
– Where Do I Start?

If you have questions or concerns related to lisp, stuttering, speech development, language development, literacy skills, social skills, voice disorders, or feeding and swallowing the first step is to speak to a speech pathologist. They will be able to interpret what issues are likely to be causing problems and explain what your best next step might be.

We provide a free speech therapy initial consultation to people in Earlwood that can help to determine if speech therapy is required, how it would work, and if necessary help to book in an assessment.

If speech therapy is deemed to be appropriate, we can then work with you to determine whether face to face or telehealth sessions are the best way forward. If you believe you might need a speech therapy provider near you please don’t hesitate to reach out