Mimi Naylor

Clinical Director

(02) 7209 3838


The greatest joy in life comes from the richness of our relationships with others.

The core skills needed to build relationships are communication, clear speech, articulation, understanding language, using the right words to express oneself and the ability to negotiate. We also need to advocate, to ask for help, to reassure and encourage.

Wherever our paths cross with others, we need to be able to communicate to flourish.

I am passionate about helping every individual gain the skills needed to communicate. My goal is to support anyone who finds the learning journey hard and to support their families and carers too.

I have been a speech pathologist for more than 16 years. I started out in the UK and became a Specialist Neuro Speech and Language Therapist for brain injury and rehabilitation. I volunteered in India working with a Maxillofacial Hospital with children and adults with severe congenital trauma disfigurements. I have been teaching student speech pathologists as a Clinical Educator for more than 10 years.

I now lead Talkshop Speech Pathology as its Clinical Director. My mandate is to partner with parents, local schools and pre-schools to support early intervention.

As a parent, I understand the challenges (and heartache) of supporting a child with learning needs. This is why we work intently with the families of children with complex diagnosed or undiagnosed needs.

I am particularly ardent about literacy skills in primary and high-school-age children. At Talkshop we run a Literacy Clinic, Teacher and Educator professional development workshops and speak at Kindergarten Orientation forums.

We are fortunate enough to live in a society that gives us freedom of speech and the right to communicate. Teaching and enhancing these skills in our clients and being a voice for those who struggle to express themselves is what spurs me on each day.

We want to help. If you are a parent of a child, or a carer of an adult with speech, language, literacy, voice or swallowing difficulties, please book an appointment online, call us or email us.

You can even stop by at our Friday morning Drop-In Clinics run during NSW school terms.

Connect with us if you have any concerns. We are friendly and happy to help.

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