Our FREE Discovery Session is ideal for anyone with any questions relating to speech, stuttering, language, literacy, social skills, swallowing, and voice.

This is an opportunity for us to give some information on how to monitor your concern and give you advice on how to start self-managing any issues immediately.

Discovery Sessions can help you understand if an assessment or therapy is needed, how Speech Therapy would work, and if appropriate, help you book in.

speech pathology services

Your speech pathology journey always starts with a speech pathology assessment. This takes place in our family-friendly centre in a relaxed environment so we can get the best results.

How We Assess

An assessment is typically made up of a number of formal standardized assessments combined with extra play assessments for children.

More often than not, we are assessing more than one area of concern. This is because  different skill areas often impact one another. For example, when we are assessing speech sounds in a pre-schooler, we will often check the development of preliterate skills. If we are doing a literacy assessment, we will also check language skills.

Interpreting The Results

The results of these assessments form a clinical picture which we can use to clearly diagnose the communication concerns, their root cause, and impact on everyday life.

Standardized results also allow us to compare a person’s current abilities against their peers of the same age. For our child clients, this is helpful to determine how they are developing against developmental norms.

Assessment Report and Therapy Management Plan

A key point of difference with Talkshop Speech Pathology is that we always provide a Therapy Management Plan alongside your Assessment Report. This stand-alone document is a guide to the key therapy goals.  

These show how the goals are broken down into achievable targets for the therapy block ahead. The goals are prioritized in collaboration with you.

The Therapy Management Plan is referred to at the start of each therapy block and regularly referred to track progress.

*We have summarized the latest evidence-based approaches for 14 different speech pathology areas. You can read more about your area of concern in the How We Help pages.