Speech & Language Screeners

Our FREE Discovery Session is ideal for anyone with any questions relating to speech, stuttering, language, literacy, social skills, swallowing, and voice.

This is an opportunity for us to give some information on how to monitor your concern and give you advice on how to start self-managing any issues immediately.

Discovery Sessions can help you understand if an assessment or therapy is needed, how Speech Therapy would work, and if appropriate, help you book in.

speech pathology services

A screener is a swift inexpensive way to check speech and language developmental milestones.

This can usually be done in 30 minutes through play to stimulate your child to say specific sounds and words.

A screener checks a number of speech and language skills including:

  • Speech sounds
  • Articulation
  • Intelligibility
  • Fluency
  • Voice
  • Vocabulary
  • Language use
  • Social skills
  • Pre-literacy skills

The outcome will help you gain clarity so that:

  • you can be reassured that this is typical at this stage of development
  • you know how to watch and monitor development at home
  • you have a few tips and strategies to try in the meantime
  • you know if your child needs a formal assessment.

We can provide top-tips handouts, advise how to monitor communication skills, or book immediate assessments and therapy blocks if necessary.