speech pathology services

Telehealth Speech Pathology

Video meetings or conferencing has transformed the way we live and work. It has kept many of us connected through the lockdowns of a global pandemic. It has enabled us to collaborate and provide our skills and services to each other.

Speech pathology lends itself well to delivery through video meetings. The interactions between clinician and client can be just as engaging as meeting in person and clients can continue to make progress towards their therapy goals just as effectively.


Your speech pathology journey always starts with an assessment. This takes place in our family-friendly centre in a relaxed environment so we can get the best results.

speech pathology services
speech pathology services


Therapy Is Fun! And Life Changing!

We Love Therapy

We love the fun of it. We love the impact that it has in the lives of the families we work with. We love working with you so you can see the difference that it makes in your life.

When you come to visit, you will see that every aspect from the comfort of the Reception area to the brightness of our rooms and the vast shelves bursting with games, all speak of the delight we experience in providing engaging therapy for you or your child.

Literacy Tutoring

The Reading Clinic operates as part of Talkshop Speech Pathology. This is a dedicated stream of our speech pathology services supporting children and adolescents with reading and writing support.

speech pathology services
speech pathology services

Speech & Language Screeners

A screener is a swift inexpensive way to check speech and language developmental milestones.

This can usually be done in 30 minutes through play to stimulate your child to say specific sounds and words.

Bilingual and Multilingual Speech Pathology

At Talkshop, we offer bilingual speech pathology options for French, Korean and Cantonese speaking clients. Our clinicians assess and treat French, Korean and Cantonese speaking children and adults. We are also able to assist with Vietnamese speaking families.

speech pathology services
speech pathology services

Therapy Groups

Talkshop offers a number of groups during the year. These groups are designed and facilitated by Speech Pathologists and target development of specific language and communication needs. You can learn more using the links below. If you have questions about the specific needs of your child or NDIS participant, please don’t hesitate to contact us.