Sophie Kevern

Sophie Kevern

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


Communication is such an important part of life and everyone deserves the right to express themselves and communicate their wants and needs. As a speech pathologist I love the opportunity to work with a range of communication disorders including speech, language, literacy, fluency, swallowing and social skills.

I am passionate about making a genuine difference in a person’s life and understand the importance of working collaboratively with families to develop purposeful, realistic and achievable goals. I recognise that each family is unique and that they have extensive knowledge on their child’s abilities and needs. I strive to work with families to make therapy individualised, fun and engaging by incorporating clients’ interests.

I enjoy working with both children and adults to achieve their goals. At the Talkshop I work with children and adults of all ages for speech sounds, language, literacy, stuttering and social skills. I am particularly passionate about speech and language development in children and enjoy working with adults who have an acquired brain injury. One of the highlights of being a speech pathologist is seeing clients achieve goals and being able to support them on their personal communication journey.

Connect with us if you have any questions. We are friendly and happy to help.

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