Our FREE Discovery Session is ideal for anyone with any questions relating to speech, stuttering, language, literacy, social skills, swallowing, and voice.

This is an opportunity for us to give some information on how to monitor your concern and give you advice on how to start self-managing any issues immediately.

Discovery Sessions can help you understand if an assessment or therapy is needed, how Speech Therapy would work, and if appropriate, help you book in.

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Therapy Is Fun! And Life Changing!

We Love Therapy

We love the fun of it. We love the impact that it has in the lives of the families we work with. We love working with you so you can see the difference that it makes in your life.

When you come to visit, you will see that every aspect from the comfort of the Reception area to the brightness of our rooms and the vast shelves bursting with games, all speak of the delight we experience in providing engaging therapy for you or your child.

Prioritizing Therapy Goals

The Therapy Management Plan is produced following the assessment. This guides how we will approach therapy.

For our child clients, goals may be prioritized in developmental/chronological order. This means focusing on the most delayed skills first. At other times, we may focus on skills most needed for communication success at home or school. These goals are broken down into achievable sub goals outlined in your Therapy Management Plan.

For our adult clients, we focus on skills that will make the most impact in your daily life. This means focusing on the language or communication skills which will help you best participate in conversations and your activities of choice. Often we are looking at rehabilitation or maintenance of skills.

Therapy Sessions

At the start of each therapy session we jointly review home practice from the last week. This allows us to:

  • Work out which strategies are most helpful
  • Review change in your daily life
  • Step therapy up to the next level

It also allows us to problem-solve any issues you may have encountered.

In therapy sessions, we focus on quality and quantity. This means we simultaneously focus on the quality of the targeted skill and repeatedly practice this in many different ways in a number of tasks and activities.

We take a collaborative approach in the session. For parents of young children, we actively invite you to participate as a therapy partner. During the session, we gradually coach you on how to spot the targeted behaviors and provide prompts or cues to achieve that success in the home. For school age children, we welcome parents to attend sessions, though we often find parents prefer to be out of the session. In this case, we invite parents in for the final 5 minutes to see what goals we have targeted and to talk about home practice.

Find out in more detail about how we provide therapy for a particular area of speech pathology concern on our How we help pages.

Home Practice

There are home practice tasks each week. These are usually a mixture of activities to focus closely on the skill being mastered and ways to use the skills functionally in everyday life. Our role in the therapy sessions is to help support successful home practice. Home practice is essential to make progress in a reasonable time frame.