Ashlee McKinnon

Ashlee McKinnon

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


I joined The Talkshop team in 2016. I instantly loved the phenomenal team dynamic, the way the staff delivered first-rate therapy and the epic toy wall.

I believe that children learn more when they are engaged and having fun. Speech therapy is no different.

I work hard to ensure my clinical sessions are both challenging and enjoyable. I aim to deliver therapy that is fast-paced and motivating. A fun fact about me is that before I became a speech pathologist I was an opera singer, completing 6 years of training at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music; so I bring music into our sessions too.

Kids have so much fun in therapy at Talkshop, they don’t even realise how much they are learning. Their confidence and sense of success builds naturally with this approach.

I have dedicated my career to advocating for children and adults with communication disorders. I understand the day-to-day impacts communication difficulties can have. My therapy is focused on identifying children’s strengths and using these to support their learning in their areas of weakness.

I am also continually updating and maintaining my own learning and development so that I can deliver therapy using the best available evidence suited to your child. I am a registered Hanen provider and I am qualified to deliver “It Takes Two to Talk” training to families of children who are late talkers.

Many of my preschool-aged children have speech difficulties. Working with children in the early years has fostered my passion for helping children prepare well for school, particularly for literacy. At Talkshop we launched a dedicated Literacy Clinic within our service to meet the needs of families struggling to cope with learning reading and writing at school.

I lead the *Killarney Heights Public School Speech Pathology Sponsorship Program which has been running successfully for two years. I deliver the Childcare Screener and Education program at local childcare centres with a focus on early identification and providing professional development to early childhood educators.

Talkshop supports speech pathology as a profession through its Student Unit. I am responsible for overseeing students on clinical placements at our service.

Talkshop pro-actively supports Northern Beaches speech pathologists. I co-chair The Northern Beaches Private Practice Network, which supports the professional development of speech pathologists by hosting key speaker nights and coordinating communication between state and national speech pathology associations.

Connect with us if you have any concerns. We are friendly and happy to help.

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