Telehealth Speech Pathology

Our FREE Discovery Session is ideal for anyone with any questions relating to speech, stuttering, language, literacy, social skills, swallowing, and voice.

This is an opportunity for us to give some information on how to monitor your concern and give you advice on how to start self-managing any issues immediately.

Discovery Sessions can help you understand if an assessment or therapy is needed, how Speech Therapy would work, and if appropriate, help you book in.

Speech Pathology by Telehealth

Video meeting or conferencing has transformed the way we live and work. It has kept many of us connected through the lockdowns of a global pandemic. It has enabled us to collaborate and provide our skills and services to each other.

Speech pathology lends itself well to delivery through video meetings. The interactions between clinician and client can be just as engaging as meeting in person and clients can continue to make progress towards their therapy goals just as effectively.

Online speech therapy, or Telehealth, as It’s become known, can also have significant benefits. It allows access to people who might live too far away from a speech pathology service. It can save travel time for people who would struggle to fit a therapy appointment into a busy schedule. Telehealth allows therapy to happen in the home environment allowing a carer to multitask with other life requirements rather than having to be out and about. It also allows a client a much wider range and choice of service providers. By removing the limitation of geography a client can find and access the best service provider in the world.

Telehealth Speech Pathology by Talkshop

Talkshop has been providing speech therapy services to clients around the world by video link since its inception. We’ve helped clients all over the world—from doctors in Japan to refugees in Cyprus, professionals in Singapore, families in rural and remote areas in Australia and families in other urban areas who found it much more convenient to access a speech therapy provider from home.

As a result we’ve learnt from considerable experience how to use the tools and technology to make Telehealth speech therapy immersive and interactive. For adult clients, virtual therapy is a familiar interactive and conversational experience. For children, online speech therapy sessions are just as noisy, fun and dynamic as it is in person at our service.

“It’s like children’s TV for an audience of one where the presenter talks an interacts with you”

For our toddlers, preschool and school-age clients, we find that any difficulties with attention and focus are easily managed—from immersive green screen worlds where clients might visit a farm or go to an underwater world, to interactive games using technology and “old school” tangible toys. We love being able to use the games and activities that you have at home and work with you in the moment to show how you can maximise your home environment to make speech therapy activities and home practice fun. Expect your pillows, blankets, laundry baskets and socks to be used in home-made obstacle courses! Rest assured, Telehealth speech therapy is nothing like regular “screen time”

We use Zoom to connect with you through telehealth as it lets us share documents, images and online whiteboards to mind map in real time. At home, Zoom can be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer. In the days before your session, you will be sent an email with a Zoom meeting invitation and password. Just click the link and enter your password and you’ll be in the waiting room ready to begin your session with your speech pathologist.

Research strongly supports that telehealth delivered speech pathology is as effective as an in-person intervention for school-aged children. This means we are well placed to continue to support you or your child as they work towards achieving their speech, language and literacy goals.

If you have any questions click on the red chat box below to book a free initial consultation with one of our clinicians to find out more. 


1. What is telehealth?

This is where health services are provided online through video conferencing. This is commonly used by allied health practitioners to support remote communities. We have been using telehealth at Talkshop Speech Pathology for the past 4 years to provide assessment and therapy for clients interstate or overseas. We also offer this service for our local clients in response to the positive impact provided to clients and their families during  the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. When should I use telehealth?

Telehealth will enable us to provide on-going and consistent therapy for your speech pathology needs.

Please inform us and switch to a telehealth session if you are unwell or are physically unable to come to our centre, for example if you are caring for another family member.

3. When should I let you know if I want a telehealth session?

Please let us know as soon as possible. Whilst it only takes us 2 minutes to set up the link to go live, we do need some time to prep resources for your session.

4. What do I need for an online session?

  • A laptop/ tablet/mobile phone or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Headphones (optional)

5. How does telehealth work?

We will email you with a ‘Zoom’ link which you click on at your appointment time.

Click to allow Zoom to access your camera and your microphone. Make sure you turn up the volume!

6. Will I need to download any software or apps?

No. The link will automatically allow us to connect with live video.

7. Is telehealth as good as a face-to-face session?

The dynamic is slightly different. Young children will likely need a parent to be present to support them.

We can also screen share resources that we are using.

The great thing about online therapy with kids is that it is fully interactive in your own home space so we can even go mobile to explore the toys and books and the things that your child loves, and we can come up with new ways to use them in therapy. This means that your home practice is even more meaningful!

6. Am I suited for telehealth?

Telehealth is suitable for most clients from pre-school age and above. Children up to middle primary will likely need support from a parent or carer. Individuals with vision, hearing, attention, physical difficulties with sitting or understanding remote therapy may need modifications or additional support. If you are unsure, discuss with your speech pathologist.

7. Can all therapy be done via telehealth?

Telehealth is suitable for most therapy targeting goals in the following areas:

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Stuttering
  • Literacy
  • Voice
  • Accent modification
  • Social skills

It is not suitable for:

  • Swallowing
  • Paediatric feeding/ mealtime management
  • Alternative and augmentative communication devices

8. Will I need any extra equipment to make telehealth more engaging at home for my child?

For child therapy sessions you may need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue

Recommended games:

We also recommend any games that you may already have at home that has multiples pieces such as:

  • Connect 4
  • Jenga
  • Pop the pig
  • Pop Up Pirate

We can even use sock balls to throw into a laundry basket

9. Do I need to do anything to change the environment at home?

For upper primary to adult clients, online therapy can happen easily with your device on a table in front of you.

For younger children, it is ideal to have some floor space nearby so we can jump around and do some big actions.

*if you are interested in telehealth please contact us to discuss your particular situation.