Sarah Sohyun Park

Sarah Sohyun Park

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


Communication doesn’t just involve using our words. It’s also about using gestures, pictures, facial expressions, tone of voice and so much more! That is the beauty of communication.

Here at Talkshop, we always put our clients first and ask the question “How can we help”. We are all about working as a team to support your needs.

I work with both adults and children. With adults, I am often working to maintain language skills with friends and family and keep the confidence connecting when out and about. Some of my clients may have had a stroke or some other condition that has changed their speech or swallowing. With children, you can find me racing kids on obstacle courses or on the trampoline practising sounds – the best therapy is when we’re all having fun!

I am passionate about working with individual clients and family as a team. I provide tools, skills and strategies to assist clients to achieve their goals inside and outside the clinic.

Connect with us if you have any concerns. We are friendly and happy to help.

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