Clara Ho

Clara Ho

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


I am a passionate speech pathologist interested in helping children and adults! I strive for my clients to achieve their full potential in communicating with the world. Growing up, I had close family members who benefited from speech therapy. This makes me relate to the perspectives of caregivers and understand their barriers.

I have a special interest in helping people from different cultural backgrounds. I value collaborating with families and journeying with clients to achieve their goals. I have journeyed with neurodiverse individuals, children with speech sound difficulties and more! I love making face-to-face and telehealth therapy sessions dynamic and fun. This boosts learning! It is such a joy to build meaningful relationships that can impact our clients’ lives.

On my off days, I’ll be either in a bouldering gym, playing chess, cooking or spending time with friends and family.

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