Angela Nguyen

Angela Nguyen

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


Being a speech pathologist is one of the best jobs ever. It’s fun and incredibly rewarding. I enjoy working with so many families.

Communication is a fundamental human right. So often communication difficulties go unnoticed and untreated. Working alongside families to help them achieve their communication goals is a privilege. It’s important for me to develop meaningful relationships with my clients. This helps me advocate for my clients and support them to achieve their goals. I do this all while making speech therapy the best part of their week!

As someone with a background in music teaching, I love working with people of all ages. I love that I can spend a session jumping through obstacle courses or building Lego towers working on speech sounds but in the next session, I may be out in the community supporting a teenager with social connectivity. Our team at Talkshop goes above and beyond for all our clients with a focus on being unforgettable! As a service, we support neurodiverse-affirming approaches with many of our autistic and ADHD families.

My passions in speech pathology include working with children and teenagers to develop their literacy and social skills. I am able to do sessions in both Vietnamese and English. I am also an LSVT-LOUD certified clinician, and love working with voice disorders.

When I’m out of the office, I’m going for a morning swim, having a tub of frozen yoghurt, or hunting for Sydney’s best sandwich! I have a love for music as well, which I sometimes bring into my sessions.

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