Charlotte Aitken

Charlotte Aitken

Speech Pathologist

(02) 7209 3838


Hi, I’m Charlotte! I love spending time with people of all ages, helping them build their confidence to overcome communication barriers.

Growing up with a lisp, I can understand some of the struggles my clients and their families face. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. However, just like any journey, having a guide along the way can make a big difference. That’s where I fit into the picture! I’m here to show you the paths we can take, the tools we can use, and make sure that each session is a positive and fun learning experience.

One of my passions is helping Talkshop’s young adults with their social communication and language skills. I co-developed and lead Talkshop’s Life Skills Group, a group aimed to support young adults with social communication skills and to increase their independence in the community.

Coming from a background in linguistics and having a love for language, I share Talkshop’s passion for helping school aged children with their literacy skills. I believe that with the right guidance and strategies, every child’s potential can be unlocked and their confidence soar. I have completed additional literacy training at the Macquarie University Reading Clinic on the Assessment and Treatment Options for Children with Reading and Spelling Difficulties.

I am Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk certified; this is a program designed to assist parents of children who have language delay. I believe that empowering and supporting parents to help their children is powerful and I love going on that journey with parents. I also love working with their little ones to encourage language development.

On the weekend you’ll find me running after my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Archie! I love baking; my favourite dessert is mango and white chocolate cheesecake. I also enjoy design and have the awesome creative job of helping create Talkshop’s Instagram posts. Check us out at @talkshopspeech.

Connect with us if you have any concerns. We are friendly and happy to help.

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