Top Tier Student Unit

“Be the real deal”

As a student, you may have heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’. That leaves you with the fear that you are only ever an imposter and that one day your best fakery may not be enough for you to pass and even if you do graduate, your work team will find out that you are not the real deal.

At Talkshop, we are 100% committed to training empowered speech pathologists who really love what they do because they are excellent in all areas and can have a tonne of fun along the way.

You can flourish in a career of endless possibilities when you can be confident that what you do is clinically sound, fun, effective and meaningful in the lives of those with whom you’re working.

At Talkshop we have developed an outstanding Masters and Undergraduates final placement training program.

We only accept final year students who possess a strong track record of positive learning, and are looking to graduate strongly at Entry level across all elements of CBOS and COMPASS.

We train students to be our future team members. We invest everything into our students because we only take onboard outstanding speech pathologists.

We are not the right student placement for anyone wanting to stay in their comfort zone. We want world changers who want to develop their craft.

Some of reasons why our Student Unit Training Program is outstanding:

Pre-placement information
Online student portal to access all assessment and therapy materials
Student Handbook on all policies and procedures
Session planning templates
Ideas therapy planning
Clear expectations of dose, frequency, intensity
Thorough orientation to cater for all learning styles
Clinical Training
We are a busy adult and paediatric service. You will be able to observe and participate in all types of therapy: stuttering, voice, speech, language, literacy, adolescent social skills groups, adult disability, accent modification.
Unparalleled support to develop clinical reasoning; how to select goals, step and down within tasks, how to motivate and increase intensity of clinical trials in therapy.
Nurture your families with coaching.
Find your own clinical style while increasing energy and amping up the fun. Find out how therapy is all about creativity and playfulness.
Advanced Clinical Training
Opportunities to observe/participate in adolescent and adult assessment/therapy
Paediatric Feeding
Advanced training on professional workplace skills
Training on customer service
Systems and P&P training
Project Management software
Team culture training
Monitoring workplace wellness
Assessment report templates
Training videos for all therapy types
Career readiness training:
Careers development information
Provision of written job references
CV support
Interview training

Over the past 3 years, we have employed 11 permanent new graduate students.

Students can apply directly for a placement with the Talkshop Student Unit.

Universities can apply to set up a Student Placement Agreement with the Talkshop Student Unit.

Contact the Talkshop Student Unit by email: