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Taking Screeners to the Community

‘“I wasn’t sure if this was really a problem”. “I thought he’d grow out of it.” We hear these all the time from parents and educators. To be fair, keeping track of developmental milestones are hard. As an educator you may never have had these covered specifically in your training. As a parent, everyone has a different opinion so you may as well check in with Dr Google and pick the answer that tells you that you have plenty to time to deal with this… You can always think about this again another day.

At Talkshop Speech Pathology we understand that getting a clear picture of your child’s communication skills is hard. We love getting out into the community and providing the opportunity for busy families to access the best possible care for their children! By providing speech and language screenings in childcare and preschool settings, we cut the hassle out of early intervention.

How it works

We organise for a team of our qualified speech pathologists to visit your child’s childcare centre or preschool to run an educator training or refresher sessions on speech and language developmental milestones. We teach awareness of ‘red flags’ so educators can readily identify and monitor children with communication concerns.

We know that investing in the educators means we are investing in the children too.

The screeners are done in a quiet corner of the preschool through fun interactive games. We look a number of areas: speech sounds, vocabulary, language understanding and language use, social skills, voice and fluency of speech.

We look at how your child is meeting their expected milestones. We want to be able to reassure you that your child’s communication skills are developing on track.  If there are skills that need extra speech pathology support, our report is useful as a discussion tool. We will always follow up with personal phone call.

Our findings are written up in a report, which is followed up with parents directly. We find that this early means that we. We are thrilled to already be partnering with a number of local preschool and daycares: Bliss Early Learning, ManlyVale Early Learning Service, Forestville Early Learning Centre and Headstart Early Learning Centre Roseville, Little Bloomers

If you are a parent with a child in Pre-School or Childcare, a Centre Director or staff member and can see the benefits of a Speech Pathology Screener in your child’s centre, let us know! We also provide on-site training for staff in language and literacy and have oodles of fun and interactive ideas for making speech and literacy fun!


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