Word Warriors

A literacy group for children in early primary school run by Speech Pathologists

Supporting early primary school children with their reading and spelling skills.

We offer a Word Warriors group for children in early primary school (Year 1 to 3). This group typically runs in school holidays at our Frenchs Forest or Forestville centres.

What is Word Warriors?

A high energy and interactive literacy group for children requiring extra support to boost their skills in:

  • Letter sound identification (e.g. what three sounds does the letter ‘a’ make?)
  • Sight word and irregular word reading (e.g. friend, yacht, could)
  • Digraph and trigraph recognition (groups of letter sounds e.g.igh, ch, th, ng)
  • Reading speed and fluency
  • Decoding sounds (e.g. b-e-n-ch)

Who is Word Warriors best suited for?

  • Children in Year 1, 2 and 3 who require more focused and specialised support on their reading and spelling skills
  • Active kids who benefit from intensive bursts of therapy
  • Children requiring support to progress in their letter sound knowledge (SPALDING) and irregular word goals (e.g. Magic 100) before starting the next school term

At Talkshop, we are the Ninjas of Fun and cannot wait to help support you and your child through these vital developmental milestones.

Key details for our next Word Warriors Group

When: Next Therapy Group to be announced soon

Where: Talkshop Frenchs Forest Clinic
(Suite 2, Level 2, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest)

What to bring: Bag with a labelled water bottle, snacks (nut free, please make sure your child has eaten breakfast before they come to the group)

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