Feeding Support Clinic

First Monday Of Every Month

Making mealtime easy as pie

What happens at the Talkshop Feeding Clinic?

The Talkshop Feeding Clinic is a space where you can bring your questions and concerns to our feeding specialist speech pathologists. We will discuss typical feeding challenges and strategies, and work with you to create a plan of action. 

We can work alongside your paediatrician and enlist help from dietitians and occupational therapists for their expertise and specialised support.

What specifically can I talk about?


  • Establishing good latch and seal on nipple or teat
  • Long feeds (over 30 minutes)
  • Compensating for poor reflexes
  • Positioning for optimal suck + swallow + breathe pattern
  • Teat and bottle advice
  • Understanding the sequence of skills for feeding
  • Introduction of solids

Chewing and Swallowing:

  • Equipment advice
  • Weakness in chewing + biting muscles
  • Transitioning to different levels of foods

Sensory + Fussy Eating:

  • Introducing new foods
  • Reasons why certain foods are not liked/tolerated

Key details for our Feeding Clinic

When: 8:00-11:00am first MONDAY of each month

8:00-9:30am – INDIVIDUAL appointment with a Talkshop Speech Pathologist.

9:30-10:15am – GROUP for mums of fussy eaters.

10:15-11:00am – GROUP for babies struggling with transitioning to solids.

Where: St Matthews in Manly

What to bring:

  • Your questions!
  • Your baby or toddler is welcome to come to the clinic with you.
  • We have some equipment (high chair, utensils) and foods available in the clinic.

Check out our pages:

If you have any questions about our feeding clinic, email us at or give us a call on (02) 7209 3838