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Space for speech

Talkshop Frenchs Forest exemplifies our passion to provide outstanding speech pathology in Frenchs Forest and the Northern Beaches. The clinic has been thoughtfully designed to cultivate an environment that enriches both the experience and the outcomes of therapy. This includes designing spaces to suit young children who may be affected by delayed speech or language disorders and spaces for adults navigating recovery from a stroke or brain injury.

Upon your arrival, our welcoming staff will greet you in the comfortable waiting area. This area sets the stage for the supportive and warm atmosphere that defines our clinic. The heart of our approach is a vibrant, open activity zone. It is designed for dynamic engagement and interactive therapy sessions. This space features obstacle course gear, trampolines, basketball hoops, airtracks, and skittle sets. These elements create immersive therapy sessions where playful learning amplifies therapeutic progress. We are also equipped with a considerable variety of sensory aids to allow therapy to accommodate a wide range of sensory needs.

Room for individuality

Talkshop Frenchs Forest clinic features nine specially designed rooms illuminated by ample natural light through expansive windows that frame treetop views. Designed to accommodate clients at every stage of life—be it children, teens, or adults—these rooms offer a peaceful backdrop for effective therapy sessions.

Every therapy room is airy and bright. We use low-set, frosted glass to ensure comfort and privacy. This setup also fosters connectivity between therapists, clients, and carers. We equip rooms with memory foam mats, chairs, tables, and the necessary equipment to tailor therapy to each client’s needs. Our attention to detail includes selecting digital technologies that are designed for specific therapy goals. Such planning allows for flexible therapy that adapts to each session’s unique requirements.

Talkshop Frenchs Forest is a cutting-edge facility designed from the ground up to empower and support our clients. Our innovative approach to speech therapy blends playful interaction with advanced therapeutic strategies, allowing us to provide care that truly transforms lives.

How to find Talkshop Speech Pathology in Frenchs Forest

Talkshop’s clinic in Frenchs Forest is located within the commercial complex at 49 Frenchs Forest Road East. You will find this close to the Skyline shops and Northern Beaches Hospital. The Talkshop clinic is on level 2 of Building 2, right at the front of the complex. We have a watermelon red window sign that is visible from the road.

There are 7 parking spaces allocated for Talkshop clients in the carpark under the building all with close access to the lift. The spaces can be filled by other building users so it can be easier to park in the Dan Murphys/Forest Hotel car park that is only 100m away. If you have mobility challenges and need to be able to park close to the lift please let us know so we can try to ensure there is a parking space available to you.

If you are accessing us by bus there is a eastbound stop opposite 49 Frenchs Forest Road East with the westbound stops approximately 200m away.

Learn more about our services and how we help

Our services

Talkshop provides assessments across the full spectrum of needs within speech pathology. This includes speech sounds, language disorders, literacy disorders, voice disorders and more. Results from verified assessment diagnostics allow a speech pathologist to form a diagnosis and develop a therapy management plan.

How we help

Our focus is your success in every aspect of everyday life. We embed evidence-based speech therapy approaches in real life activities. We develop the key skills required, support you to apply the skills where you need them and work with those around you to help you succeed.

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